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Like any organisation, Yorda Adventures must have 'policies and procedures' to make sure things happen the way they should. Basically, these are documents that state how we are committing to do certain things.

Below are a selection of our 'policies and procedures', which you are welcome to download and read. If you have any questions about what you read or how we do things you are more than welcome to contact us. Please click on the links below to download.

Child Protection Policy and Procedures

Comments, Suggestions and Complaints Policy

Equal Opportunities Statement

Our address:
Yorda Playhouse, Devon Way,
Chessington, KT9 2RJ



Laura: 07939844978
Rosie: 07590622437
Steph: 07545974734
CIC 5762334 Registered in England and Wales. Ofsted EY 403587
Laura Smyth, aged 15 started volunteering at her local Mencap playscheme and was instantly hooked for every school holiday! After finishing Uni she worked in a variety of jobs which all involved Playwork and working with children with learning disabilities. 

After working with Kingston families within Social Services, Laura realised she wanted to work with children every day and support their families in a variety of ways. In 2005, encouraged by her family, she approached Dysart School with the idea of setting up an after school club as the starting point for a new company.In order to fully support her new venture, her father took on the role of Company Secretary. Rick continues to volunteer his time to Yorda Adventures in the form of essential advice and accountancy skills! Why is it called Yorda Adventures?
is how Reuben, one of the children who inspired the company to begin, says 'Laura'  and 'Adventures' symbolises the unique, fun
experiences we want to give to all the children and young people.Yorda Adventures could not have achieved all it has done in the last 6 years without the amazing dedication of the people that make up the Yorda Adventures Team who have supported Laura. Matthew and Megan Naylor jumped on board in the summer of 2006 and were hugely influential with the vital early stages which involved grant writing, policy making, planning, managing and event running and pilot projects.

This essential input got us up and running really quickly and enabled us to run our first pilot adventure holiday at New Year 2006 /07.

After years of putting in countless efforts to Yorda Matt and Meg have now moved with daughter Evie to Devon for a brand new adventure of their own and we wish them lots of luck!

Charlotte Amison joined as a playworker at the very start of the after school club in 2006. Showing an instant passion for the children we work with she soon became an invaluable asset to Yorda moving up quickly to Playleader and joining the management team in 2008 as Project Manager. Charlotte has now moved onto further adventures of her own taking her skills and passion to further education and 'contact a family'.

The Yorda team continues to grow with Rosie Stone at the helm as our Playleader. Having been with Yorda for the last 6 years Rosie has grown quickly from a volunteer to deputy and was promoted to Playleader 3 years ago. She knows her job, the children and staff really well.

Rosie heads up a very consistent staff team. Although we rely on a lot of students we are proud of that fact we have a core team who have been with us for at least four years and most of our staff come back and volunteer in the holidays even when they've got full time jobs!  
Yorda Adventures is a form of social enterprise called a 'community interest company'. This form of company is limited by guarantee, and was introduced by the government in 2005.

We have been registered with 'community interest status' with Companies House and have pledged that the purpose of the company is to create play and leisure opportunities for children and young people with disabilities on a not for profit basis.

In order to be approved for 'community interest status' we had to agree to an asset lock, which ensures that all money within the company must be used to support the aims and purpose of the company without exception.

Our CIC number is 5762334.
Ofsted EY 403587

For more information about 'community interest' companies please look at the
CIC Regulator website
We meet regularly to discuss how Yorda Adventures can best look after all of our children and young people. We plan behaviour strategies, discuss play ideas, plan activities, review health and safety issues and policies and build the profiles, as well as lots of other things!

We know all of the up to date information about each of the children and young people that attend our projects and how we are best meeting their needs. If a child displays challenging behaviour we are the ones that act. It is our job to support and teach all of our staff during the sessions.

We are the people that run all of our projects, so if you have any questions please speak to one of us.

The Team:
Laura Smyth, Alison O'Neill, Rosie Stone, Holly Knight, Kerri Cutbill, Jessica Cole and Bethany Madigan.

Over the years we have also been assisted by lots of other wonderful people who are too many to name individually but include Barry Starr, Gabi Davies, Caroline Baxter, Steph James, Marjie Grant and Team Eustace.